Předkládáme email od ISA týkající se MS SUP v Dánsku. 

Nejdůležitější informace se týká pravděpodobně velikosti boardů, ISA se nepotvrdila očekávání mnoha SUPerů a nadále se bude závodit na boardech max 12,6

podrobnější info viz opis emailu:

The ISA has decided to expand the opportunities available to women at the 2017 ISA WSUPPC by allowing the same number of entries per discipline as the men. As a result, please note that the team size has increased from 15 total athletes to 18. Subsequently we have reduced the paddleboard division to 1 athlete per gender. All changes to the team size can be seen in BOLDbelow.

Team Size: Equal Size for Women and Men

  • 9 Men
  • 9 Women
  • Alternates, Team Officials and Team Supporters- no limit

Competitors Per Discipline:

  • SUP Surfing: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Racing Technical: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Racing Distance: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Sprint Race: Men (1), and Women (1)
  • Paddleboard Racing Technical: Men (1), and Women (1)
  • Paddleboard Racing Distance: Men (1), and Women (1)

Competitors for Special Event:

  • ISA Team Paddle Relay:
    • SUP Racing: Men (1), Women (1)
    • Paddleboard: Men (1), Women (1) 

COURSE DETAILS: Location and Distance

  • SUP and Prone Distance Racing Course
    • Location: Copenhagen
    • Distance: approximately 18-20km
  • SUP Sprint Race Course
    • Location: Copenhagen
    • Distance: 200m
  • SUP Surfing
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
  • SUP and Prone Tech Racing Course
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Distance: approximately 3km
  • Team Paddle Relay
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Distance: between 400- 1000m per relay leg

**The ISA Contest Director reserves the right to make necessary changes to any course or schedule due to conditions related to the safety of competitors. 

**Exact maps will be provided as soon as course details have been set

All teams are strongly encouraged to read the full event and equipment details in the current ISA Rulebook

**Subject to change by the ISA

  • Tues., Aug. 29 – Thurs, Aug 31: Copenhagen
    • On-Site Registration
    • Managers Meeting at 7pm on Aug 31
  • Fri., Sept 1: Copenhagen
    • Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony
  • Sat, Sept 2: Copenhagen
    • SUP and Prone Distance Races (both Men and Women)
    • *Men and Women will have two different start times; one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Therefore, it WILL be possible to share racing boards between genders
  • Sun., Sept 3: Copenhagen
    • SUP Sprint Race (both Men and Women)
    • Awards Ceremony for Distance and Sprint Races
    • Buses depart Copenhagen for Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii – our Event Hosts are providing complimentary transportation to all registered athletes, team officials, and equipment from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii (about a 5 hour drive).
  • Mon., Sept 4: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Ceremony
  • Tues, Sept 5 – Sunday, Sept 10: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Races, Prone Technical Races, Team Relay
    • Schedule TBD depending on conditions
    • Closing Ceremony immediately following the final heat/race on Sunday, Sept 10
  • Mon, Sept 11:
    • Team buses return to Copenhagen from Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • *Buses are not expected to arrive in Copenhagen until the afternoon on Monday, Sept 11. Please plan your travel accordingly. If you need to be back earlier, you will be required to provide your own transportation.


  • SUP Surfing-No weight or length restrictions
  • SUP Racing-Technical and Distance: 12’6″ and Under; no weight restrictions (see explanation below)
  • Paddleboard-Technical and Distance: 12′ and Under; no weight restrictions
  • All Boards:
    • Single hull
    • Stationary/non-correctional fins
    • Fin box allowed
  • Equipment is the responsibility of the teams and will be officially checked at designated times prior to its use in competition.
  • Athletes must supply their own equipment.
  • The ISA will provide local board transport

SUP RACING BOARD SIZE: Clarification of Decision
After examining the feedback from our ISA Members regarding preferred board size, the ISA has decided to continue the use of 12’6 SUP Racing Boards for 2017. The reasoning is as follows:

  • The results of the survey of ISA Members were inconclusive and do currently reflect a preference for 14’
  • Adopting 14’ would clearly favor the developed nations who have the means and resources to ship larger boards to DEN
  • 12’6” boards are more suited to the wave/ocean conditions in Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
  • The question of the best world-wide solution for the boards requires further study and the ISA will take active steps moving forward to review, monitor and consult the stakeholders as we look ahead to future WSUPPCs


  • The ISA and Event Host strongly encourage all teams to research and coordinate necessary shipment of boards as soon as possible.
  • Due to the restrictions with airlines, it is very likely that many boards will need to be cargo shipped well in advance of the event. Please look into options now.

For more details including the next steps to register, Anti-Doping, event site information, etc., please visit the ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship page on the ISA Website. (Click Here!)
We look forward to seeing you in Denmark!

International Surfing Association