WWL - Best Omega Speedmaster ReferencesIt's weekend! We chose to think of some easy-to-digest content for that weekend, on your own probably been doing enough reading all week. To any extent further, we will publish our Weekend Watch Lists feature every weekend, tell you overviews with information about the consumer watch market diamond breitling watches . Our overviews derive from data from on-line watch consumers. Per list we are going to indicate the countries that we used the info, since this will be different to keep it interesting. It's going to be interesting to view just how much type of replica watches will differ per country and continent. Data is retrieved from Chronolytics.ch, watch general market trends company that operates underneath the flag of Ebner Verlag (publishing house of magazines like WatchTime, Uhren Magazine, Chronos etc.).The other day, we showed you the Best Rolex Submariner replica watches by reference number, both new and vintage. This week, we thought it was here we are at the watch we cover here a great deal with the Speedy Tuesday feature: a Top 10 Omega Speedmaster references overview. We requested a summary on all Speedmaster reference numbers as well as an overview with Speedmaster references that had been produced between 1957 and 1980. Aforementioned someone to generate a Top 10 vintage Omega Speedmaster references overview.We didn't filter on specific countries or regions, just worldwide. This means that america where most requests originated in, contain the largest impact on a list.Top 10 Omega Speedmaster referencesAlthough we like to leave some misconception for your own interpretation, let's take a closer see this list. There is little surprise in the proven fact that the standard good ol' Omega Speedmaster Professional is ranked no.1. Definitely, such as their list you'll also find the modern reference number due to this classic 'Moonwatch' model and also a slightly different reference number for your model on the leather strap (oh, and also the moon phases version). Interesting to see that this 2013 released Omega Speedmaster Dark Side on the Moon (find our article about the DSotM here) is placed as no.2. There we were already told how the Negative side of the Moon does a great job at dealers and boutiques, but didn't think it actually was doing THAT well. The very first Omega wide model (2012) at #8 and also the first Speedmaster model with caliber 9300 (#9) may also be interesting in this particular list (check our report on that model here). There's quite a bit of demand for these models simply because it seems. Last and surely most famously, there may be space to the reference 145.022. This reference number was adopted up until 1980s when Omega made a decision to use their PIC reference number (smaller numbers, which they released again since a couple of years). The discontinued Speedmaster Reduced retains plenty of demand, a trendy automatic (and smaller) version which includes the design in the 42mm Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonwatch (see more at our article Speedmaster Pro versus Speedmaster Reduced).Top 10 Vintage Omega Speedmaster referencesNow this really is interesting! Even as we already suspected the 145.022 is the most popular reference (the majority of the Speedmaster related e-mails we have from our readers mainly concerns this reference), it is out performing the caliber 321 movement models. This perhaps has to do with the higher cost of the latter ones, or the fact that you ought to get a 145.022 while they're still affordable. However the 105.012 - and 105.003 for that matter - are definitely more desirable compared to the 145.012, they're positioned behind the model that Apollo XI astronaut Collin's had on his wrist. The 145.012 would be the model with caliber 321 that gets most interest in the masses. This perhaps also has regarding either price and availability. It can be this is the 'cheapest' caliber 321 Speedmaster you possibly can get. Further around the list are the Mark II, Mark III (go here for a write-up on car journalist Ben Oliver's own Mark III) and Mark 4.5 (click here for the Speedmaster Mark 4.5 from 911 specialist Magnus Walker). The point IV didn't result in the Top ten Omega Speedmaster references list. Interesting to determine how the CK2998 - although very sought-after - is ranked #7, it has probably regarding the typical prices on these pieces. They're becoming unusual, especially in decent - excellent. The 105.002 (basically the just like the CK2998 though the newest reference number coding) closes their email list with a 10th position. The Speedmaster 125 - only 2000 pieces made - was obviously a minor surprise to us, a clunky (but funky!) timepiece, being the first automatic chronograph chronometer ever (we did an in-depth article for the Speedmaster 125 here). Although it was confined to 2000 pieces only, they can be readily available (probably is because of its dimensions and outspoken 1970s design). discount watch store Have you miss the CK2915? Correct! Have less the availability part, especially Best ones, and demand can also be relatively low due to high costs. People still rather buy Daytonas for +40.000 Euro. watches ; - )Realize that the results are certainly not (only) according to searches. There's a more complex methodology behind this data mining, so as to supply the best representation of the interest on replica watches in existence. replica breitling watches online
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